You always..

The use of the terms ‘you always’ or ‘you never’ (in an argument) are rarely used to represent facts, and using them just ends up wounding the other person. If you have a need, or want something done, then ask for it rather than resorting to criticising the other persons character.

“You always leave the toilet seat up” versus “You left the toilet seat up, can you please put it down when you are done?”.

“You never listen” versus “I feel like you didn’t hear me when I asked you to take out the recycling just now”.

Using “you always” or “you never” in an argument is a way to blame the other person for what’s going on without taking any responsibility for asking for what you need. Does it help you get what you want? Definitely not.

Try complaining without blame. Be clear about what you need and be surprised by the results.