Shiny things

When you get to the end of your life, what do you want your story to look like?

Will it be defined by the series of shiny things that crossed your path with their promise of quick and easy fulfilment, or will you dare to pave your own way?

Great stories include experiences of heartache, overcoming adversity, suffering loss, and enduring some sort of trial. In contrast there is also triumph, celebration, joy and happiness.

So if you are having a particularly shitty week, month, or year, remember that life is like any good symphony. There is tension, and then there is release. Ups and downs.

There can be no triumph without problems and adversity.

We can’t experience the joy of knowing our one true love without the possibility of suffering heartache and loss.

With absolute commitment there is always the possibility of failure, but success cannot come without the former.

There can be no mastery without knowing the struggle of learning, of falling short and failing.

We can’t speak out our own truth without the possibility of being criticised.

Be bold, be brave, and make a story worth telling.