You have to learn the beat

When you start something new, it feels awkward, clunky, and uncomfortable.

I started to attend Crossfit classes a few months ago, and even though I’ve been lifting weights most of my adult life, I felt completely out of my depth. The training is intense and includes a lot of exercises I’ve never done before. There is also an accompanying terminology to learn with acronyms like WOD (Workout Of the Day), AMRAP (As Many Reps As Possible), and MetCon (Metabolic Conditioning).

At first, I only wanted to go to Crossfit once per week as it took me that long to recover from each workout. Now I’m going twice per week, not only because my physical conditioning has improved, but my mental conditioning too. With practice, I’ve become more comfortable with the training, with the exercises, and I’ve noticed that the class generally follows a now familiar rhythm.

I’ve begun to learn the beat, as Stephen King said in his book, On Writing.

This process of becoming familiar with the mechanics and processes of any given task, occupation, or new endeavour is a necessary step on the path to mastery. You will feel resistance as you move into unfamiliar territory, and that’s normal.

With consistent practice, you will learn the beat, until it becomes second nature.