Yes, you are human

If you are reading this blog, then like me, you probably aspire to great things. The idea of living an average life is something that holds no appeal.

Be kind to yourself though, because after all, you are human.

There may be days that couldn’t resist watching an hour of cat videos in the morning, vowed to focus on your one priority in the afternoon, and then blew the rest of the day chasing answers to random questions like, ‘how does cryptocurrency work?’

If you have a young child, you may be so tired that at times it feels like all you seem to do is think about when you can next go to sleep.

You might have been sharp (or blunt) with someone that you love that was totally uncalled for.

There may be days where your boss, your spouse, your children, and even your friends demand more of you than you want to give, and you’d rather just be alone for a week.

There may be days that you just want to throw out the whole idea of intermittent fasting, and just eat whatever you want, whenever you want.

These are all just different aspects of being human. Consider that they provide a contrast to the greatness inside of you.

Regroup, apologise, clean up the mess, reset, get focussed, and then move on.