Are you pushing uphill or downhill?

In life we often encounter resistance, and the common advice is to push through it.  With whatever your pursuit is, if things get tough, then that’s a sign that you should keep pushing, right?

To answer that, I propose you take one step backwards, and ask yourself the same question that Seth Godin did when someone asked him about their new business:

He asked, “if you accomplish that, will you be seen by your audience as the best in the world, or will you be seen as doing your best?”

Being the best in the world doesn’t mean that you need to build a $1 billion company, or write a book that sells a million copies, or create a youtube channel with 5 million subscribers.  It means being the best in the world in your particular niche, and that ‘world’ might consist of just 1000 people.

So, if your goal is to be the best in the world, then yes, keep pushing uphill if you are meeting resistance, and eventually you’ll start pushing downhill.  If you are just doing your best and having a tough time of it, then maybe it’s time to find something else to do with your life.