Just pause

As you go about your day today, see if you can take a pause, even if it’s just for one second.  

  1. Before you curse the person driving way below the speed limit in the fast lane
  2. Before you start getting agitated with the kids who are dragging their heels getting ready for school
  3. Before you say Yes to the next request in your already overloaded day
  4. Before you reach for a late night snack when you aren’t even hungry
  5. To admire a flower
  6. To tell someone you love them

Notice how automatic your reactions can be.  How your mood can shift like the wind.

Notice how you are often rushing from one thing to the next, never quite getting it done quickly enough.

When you take a pause, you choose to be in this moment, right now.  It might be one of the few times in the day when you are truly mindful.  

Then, in the next moment, with your next action, choose deliberately.