Habits beget habits

Habits like company.  If you can acquire one good habit the next one is not as difficult to acquire.   It’s almost like the mental machinery built to make one good habit can be used over and over without having to rebuild it again.

Adopt a bad habit though, and soon enough another will rise up to keep it company.  If you make a habit of not getting enough sleep, pretty soon you are skipping the gym or yoga class, getting sloppy with your nutrition, or skipping meditating because you don’t have enough time.

If you are working on acquiring a good habit, like say sleeping for at least 7 hours a night, or emptying out your email inbox each day, then the best advice I can give is start today, but don’t beat yourself up if you miss your goal tomorrow.  Find a way to view what happened as “I almost made it”, rather than “I blew it”.

If you have a bad night’s sleep, be glad that you got some sleep at least, reset, and get set for a good night’s sleep tonight.

If you don’t empty out your email inbox completely by the end of the day, celebrate unsubscribing from those ten mailing lists that you don’t need to see, then try again tomorrow.

If you feel that some days you don’t seem to get anything done, then start with something small, like making your bed.  Something about doing this thirty second task says to your subconscious that you are organised and deliberate, and kicks off the process of getting other tasks done.

Since I work from home most of the time, I also find a made bed is a reminder that I did get something done today.

And it just looks nice.